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Friday, 11 June 2010

Both Extremes Continues...

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately the 3 of us making Both Extremes just wouldn't work out, so I decided to do it on my own. One reason was that we didn't have enough time together, but I don't care to reveal the main one.

Production on Both Extremes will start this weekend, even though I'm trying to watch the world cup. On the lighter side today, "John Smith" finally revealed his blog to me so I am going to put a link at the side. I know it insults me at the end but that was because I wasn't going to use his rants for a while but then thought better of it and he was nice (WOW THATS A FIRST) enough to let me use them again. Thanks "John"!

Yeah so this blog will be subject to more updates, and please don't forget to subscribe to Morgan or IFunkyFlump and Zack or rotflolzrjh even though we dont work together anymore.

Thanks a lot guys, don't forget to check out Both Extremes,


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