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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Important Post: About Me

My name is Daniel Barker, but have a few aliases that I'm known by: My Xbox Live name is Slayer Dan 101, my name on Youtube is Slayerd101, other names include Fatass, Fat shit, Lard arse, Jabba the Chub and my last alias is the Rofling Officer.

I used to make Halo machinima, which is basically making little cinematic movies with characters in the video game Halo 3. Let me just say that video game hating twats are not welcome on this blog, and if you do hate video games then instead of commenting on this saying how sad I am and how video games are the "symbolisation of the decay of modern society", please superglue your nipples to the piston of a speeding train.

I grew bored with making machinima, so decided to make a live action satirical series on YouTube, called Both Extremes. After nearly 15 years on this horrible planet, surrounded by bullshit religions and a horseshit school, I have been left a cynical huske. Deprived of all happiness until I see something shit to review, coming up with analogies and sarcastic comments to put my above average intelligence to use.

So far Both Extremes remains in production after a solid 4 or 5 months of sitting around on my arse. But rest assured that it is going to be uploaded soon.

Well that's about what your going to find in my "work". On this blog you will mainly find reviews of games, rants about pop culture, and updates on Both Extremes. Thank you very much, please subscribe on YouTube.


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