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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Religion is SHIT. Also, People don't understand what Racism is.

Yeah that's right religion is shit. All religions. Not just one religion. Every. Single. One. In. Existance. Of all time.

First let me argue my stance before you shout about how racist I am. There is no God. It's pretty fucking obvious when you look at it. No God, who is supposed to be all-loving, and merciful, would say that being gay is a "despisable" act. He is supposed to love us all, no matter what we do. Plus the bible keeps contradicting itself. Most of the time we hear the "give peace a chance" bullshit, telling us we should forgive each other and be nice to each other, or else. Then we get God making child birth incredibly painful for women instead of forgiving them, valuing one people over another (Israelites over Egyptians) instead of loving them both equally as he preaches all the fucking time.

And I also know that God doesn't exist because I know why religion was invented. It was invented to exploit peoples' ignorance. For example the church during the Medieval period extorted money from peasants, telling them "give us money and you won't go to hell". What kind of all-loving deity would allow that? There are so many things God, if he existed, which he doesn't, wouldn't fucking allow. The religion of Islam keep their children in special schools where they are taught how great Islam is over and over again, basically brainwashing them. Other reasons God doesn't exist include:

1. Why do bad things happen if he is all powerful?

2. Why the fuck does Satan PUNISH bad people when he's God's enemy, doesn't that mean he's helping him.

3. Jesus is really fucking touchy. One of the disciples says he's going to die because their boat is sinking and then Jesus shouts that he has no faith. Excuse him for not fucking thinking that some fat bearded guy stuffing his face with fried chicken would help him when he's dying.

4. If God created the world, who created God?

5. Why does the bible not make sense?

There that'll do for this section. Moving on:

The world today is so fucking sensitive. Now you can't even think about the word "Black person" without being accused of being racist. Even this bloody blog post will be accused of racism soon. To start off I think I will explain the term racism. Telling someone who is a Muslim that they are a Muslim is about as racist as Martin Luther King. Telling someone you don't like them because they are Muslim is mild racism, it being mild compared to burning down their house and shitting in their arse crack being strong racism.

At school the other day one of my friends called one of my friends a Jew, then another friend said "He's not a Jew, he's a Muslim." (he's neither) At which point the first friend had trouble breathing in for a few seconds before he finally managed to pump out the words: "That is so racist!" before collapsing on the floor and masturbating over Call of Duty: Black Ops, while struggling to draw in the tiniest breath because of his shock.

That is not fucking racist. Idiots who say stuff like that need to look up the definition of racism. When someone tells me I'm white I don't freak out and tell the police that you were being racist about me, I just say "Well no shit you fucking honky." Yes as you can tell, I am being sarcastic. About the honky part anyway.

Also, the Music of Black Origin Awards are racist. And no, that's not because I think white people are better, it's because proper tolerance means being equal. If someone set up the Music of White Origin Awards it would immediately be accused of discriminating against black people, but the MOBO awards aren't accused of discriminating against white people. It's the same with Black History Month. Every year white kids and black kids dress up as a famous black person (in America that is) and say about how great they are. There is no White History Month, oh no because that would be racist wouldn't it. No why force white children to dress up as black people and not force black children to dress up as white people, that makes a whole lot of fucking sense doesn't it.

I have no problem with black people. What I want is for a truly tolerant society where people aren't discriminated against or valued because of the colour of their skin or their religion. And the closer the world tries to get to this dream, the further away we get from it. By trying to get white people equal with black people we end up over compensating, valuing black people over white. And the longer this stays around, the bigger the effect of it. Recently I overheard the weirdest coversation ever between 2 people in my class. They were arguing about the Pope and President Obama, when one said "Has there ever been a black Pope? No, so shut up." I immediately said "What does that have to do with anything. Being black doesn't make you better than anyone else." At which point I was accused of being racist, surprise surprise.

Obama shouldn't have been elected because he was black. He should have been elected because of his policies and how he would help the country. Explain how him being black effects his quality as a president. It doesn't, which explains why Obama is a shit president.

Now I'm so agnry I cna't eevn tpye porprley, so I'l fniish now.

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