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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Diary Of Pordit Bronzebeard: June 25th

June 25th

Finished helping the people at Eastvale today. Unfortunately we had been to a pretty wild party the night before at the Goldshire inn, so couldn't get much done. While I slept Jonith had already finished at Eastvale, so I worked hard to catch him up. Moved on to the Forest's Edge, where I was sad to see in the distance that Westfall is still looking like an evil wizard sucked all water out of the ground like a cultish sex practise. But we had more pressing matters to deal with. Hogger was still on the loose, and causing havoc, so Jonith and I wanted to take him down. He fought us long and hard, but eventually gave in the cowardly runt. The guards took him to the Stockade, amid Jonith and I's cheers. Finally we left the safety of Elwynn and found ourselves in the middle of a crime scene in Westfall. I wept when I found the Fulbrows and Old Blanchy dead. I still use her feed bag sometimes... It seems Westfall has deteriotated since I last went. Though the Defias have been removed from power, the people have descended to anarchy against honourable King Varian Wrynn. The investigators there recruited us to search for clues, and having killed many hostile beggars, we found the two suspects: the Murlocs and the Gnolls...

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