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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Two Days To Go...

So just 2 days until WoW time begins, and the diary starts. This diary will consist of Pordit's thoughts and feelings about his journey across Azeroth, and I'll try to insert my usual sarcasm in there. John will do his own with Jonith, so check that out on his blog.

You may be wondering why the character's backstories have been removed. It's because I got pissed at John for being an unsufferable prick. You see, we'd spent about a week and a half planning this thing, just for him to up and say "Oh darn, looks like I won't be able to get a subscription, oh well, we won't be able to do it". I hate wasting my time so I got angry and removed the posts.

You can imagine how pissed I was when we got a solution a few minutes later, so I just copied and pasted what was on John's blog. That'll be up again when I've finished writing this.

So yeah look forward to the diaries on Tuesday night.

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