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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Diary of Pordit Bronzebeard July 3rd

It's been ages since I've written in this, the bloody thing was washed down the river and we've only just a new one. So after killing gnolls and murlocs we discovered clues that pointed to the Defias as the ones behind the recent murders, and sure enough Vanessa VanCleef came into the open and openly attacked sentinel hill! Stoutmantle sent us to Varian to get help, so I change my appearance before going to him. After telling him of the situation I took a stupid chance and begged for his aid to get my treacherous nephew off of MY throne. He set his guards on me, believing me a traitor and it was only because of Jonith's quick thinking and a new haircut that we managed to escape. Stoutmantle sent us to Redridge Mountains for the time being, and I am currently in the beautiful town of Lakeshire as I write this.

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