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Saturday, 26 November 2011

News: Podcast, Commentaries, Reviews.

OK, I've just read back through the blog and saw I promised that a podcast from me and John was on the way soon... that was a month ago.

John and I did record our scathing and tedious naval battle in Empire Total War where we played and ripped it apart but the problem was we kept thinking of funny things to say after we'd done it, so this time we're going to plan ahead and write some stuff down.

In podcast news, we're planning it out, including thinking of features and topics. No set date as of yet, because there are very little opportunities for us to record.

On my reviews on this blog, I'm planning a skyrim review (which will be ages away as it's so huge) as well as a short portal 2 (which i got on sale) and King Arthur (which I got for free in PC Gamer).

So you can look forward to those, and maybe a commentary on the co-op of portal 2, and an empire total war land battle - lucky you.

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