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Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Skyrim-themed Series


My and John have been reading this blog recently called Livin' in Oblivion, which I really recommend checking. It's really funny. It's about a guy who makes an Oblivion character who can't run, can't go on any adventures and has do normal jobs like gathering herbs. He basically makes an NPC. The blog follows this bloke, Nondrick, as he goes on a load of non-adventures. I thought it'd be funny to try in Skyrim to see if the experience is that much more engrossing than it already is (more on Skyrim in a special Christmas Eve review).

My character, the courageously named "Alan", is a Nord who has just arrived in Riverwood with an iron dagger, 9 septims (gold) and a shirt and some shoes. Can he make it big in the wide world of Skyrim?

There are a few rules: no reloading a save. Just like Lydia, if Alan dies then that's it. NO fast travel, but carriages are OK. Unless he is hunting, fighting or fleeing, Alan walks everywhere, no matter how tedious that gets (and believe me, watching a 4 hour special of paint drying seems like the Lord of the Rings compared to walking across a province. Also he has to eat reguarly and sleep. And above all, Alan cannot go on any quests, other than something like helping out a blacksmith make a dagger. You don't see any NPCs raiding Dwarven Ruins for treasure. My final aim of Alan is for him to land the 25,000 septim house in Solitude and get a wife (or husband. Just sayin').

But before he can do that, he needs to work up a little cash by doing NPC jobs. The next post will be about his first 2 days in Skyrim. Other blog posts about this probably won't be regular, as I'll need to slaughter a few thousand beasts in an underground cave to get at least a little escapism with my other character.

OK, time to write it up...

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