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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bored, Bored, Bored, New Idea.

Urgh, I'm so ridiculously bored. You see, with the current list of new games being released being shorter than a dwarf in a car crusher, and of that list only about 2 that I have an interest in getting (Silent Hill HD and Fall of the Samurai, one of which is just two old games with a makeover), I've resorted to buying old games that are awesome but I missed for various reasons. Examples include the Thief series, Duke Nukem 3D (that one because I was still resting in my mother's womb when it came out) and Psychonauts, which I'm playing at the moment.

So, onto my idea: I am going to run through some of my favourite games, films, books etc and talk about all the things I hate about them. I've no idea why I want to do this, but it's probably to do with me being a masochist.

First on my list: Halo: Reach, the concluding installment of the generally excellent Halo series and if Halo 4 turns out to be as shit as I predict, considered by me to be the FINAL game in the Halo series. Fanboy, moi? Yes there's plenty I like about the game that warranted it being one of my games of 2010, but there's quite a few things in there that demand attention.

So, expect that either today or tomorrow.

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