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Monday, 25 June 2012

Coming soon...

Hey guys, with my exams over with I can return to the regularly scheduled programme. By which I mean, reviews and videos and such.

Here's what I've got planned: a pretty in depth review Diablo III. I'll set that out in different parts for each class perhaps. At the moment I'm rolling a Barbarian, but Demon Hunter looks more interesting. I'm not gonna give anything else away about my feelings about the game, so I'll move on.

I've also got about 12 ideas for a Skyrim series, and by Skyrim series I mean a kind of improvised comedy-drama. A couple of ideas I've got include an inept Dragon hunter, a generic Orc, an incredibly boring NPC-style character, a Thalmor character, etc. I've already recorded the intro for the Dragon hunter one, and I will begin filming when I can be bothered.

So any other ideas not related to Skyrim? Yes, Jonith and I will make a Crusader Kings II series where we do a co-op campaign and try to fuck each other over (politically speaking). Well maybe we'll work together in one campaign, but we have the idea of doing a series in the Game of Thrones mod where we take separate sides of the War of the Usurper. He's told me he has some ideas about this series, so look forward to that.

Finally, I have the idea to play a load of free-to-play games and review and recommend them. F2P games have gotten a dreadful reputation recently, so let's see in this series if it is deserved.

Thanks, now go watch the YouTube videos, immediately. Drone.

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