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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Video: The Dragon Hunter Part 1

Well, I made a new video (Jonith helped out with the planning), called "The Dragon Hunter" (teh dragg0n huntar). To give a basic rundown, it's a Skyrim machinima about an idiotic guy who wants to be a dragon hunter, despite the fact that none exist... or do they???? He's incredibly cowardly and foolish, so it's gonna be a sort of Hong-Kong Phooey or Scooby Doo style humour (not for kids though), until I near the end, when I plan to make it really ironic humour. The main inspiration is Freeman's Mind, which you've probably heard of. If not, it's a hilarious Half-Life machinima where the creator voices Gordon Freeman and makes him really neurotic.

Part 1 is here. Shouldn't take long to make part 2. This is the first of my ideas for Skyrim, the second will probably reach fruition when I get jaded with this series. Unfortunately I am extremely pessimistic about what I make; I hate every single thing I've ever made... it's rather depressing.

Anyway, yeah go and watch that. I'm rather proud of my voice acting, even though it did my voice in near the end...

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